Monday, January 23, 2012

Hunger Games Trilogy

How many of you have read the whole Hunger Games trilogy? I just finished the last book and want to talk to someone about it. So, here goes (warning: spoilers). Did you have a hard time liking Katniss in the third book like I did? I guess, you have to give some leeway--she's obviously been through a lot by that time and doesn't want to cope with life. Didn't you think the third book was darker than the others? And wasn't it awful when Katniss agreed to some Hunger Games for the Capitol people's children? Well, it was true that she needed Peeta with his peaceful ways and loving devotion. I almost want to say she didn't deserve him, but then again, she did save him many times too. I loved the last line of the book where he asks if her love is real or not real. I cried. I really liked Finnick's character. I was sorry he had to die. The arena in the 2nd book was so creative. Book two may be my favorite. The third was my least favorite. When do you think kids are old enough to read these books? Luke, our almost-11-year-old, is starting the first. With the third being so much darker (with Finnick's revelation of how he was used sexually, especially) I'm not sure he's ready for that one.

In life, do you ever find yourself trying to find the balance between the Capitol's carefree, shallow, party lifestyle and District 13's structure, discipline and frugality? I feel like that's a big part of life. We're supposed to teach our kids to work and not waste, but we also teach them to partake of and create beauty. I know people who make up parties all the time (one of my friends celebrates each first day of the month with her family) just for a chance to celebrate! Sometime I get so bogged down in getting everything done (checked off my mental list) that I use absolutely no creativity at all. I have to remind myself that there are other ways, that flexibility is a virtue, and that my life can be funner than I'm letting it be. I get the feeling, also, that there are those in life who have no problem finding the fun and need to remind themselves that by adhering to a schedule or list, they can accomplish more and feel calmer about life when things start to feel crazy. I know I'm just rambling here, but if you've followed my stream of consciousness, I mean that we can all learn from each other and balance the carefree attitude with the structure and come up with something better than the extremes. One thing I want to do more with my kids (I know, this is a real tangent here) is have dance parties with them. When everyone is fighting or my 5-year-old is trying really hard to bug everyone in sight, I want to yell, "Dance Party," turn on some music, and dance our bad feelings away!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

I need my girls

Okay, ladies. Laurel here. I don't know if perhaps our group email thing isn't working right, or if some of you just haven't been on the computer recently, but, in any case, let me try this again.

There are some serious things happening in my life right now, and I need my girls.

We could do a dessert night at my parents. Or maybe a hot tub night at Sarah's or Marcy's? Meet for lunch at Michelle's? I don't care what it is, but I need you all to be there, if you can manage it, and it needs to be before next Friday, the 13th.

Possible? Call me, text me, email me - let me know. I can do any evening, and I can get away for lunch any day but Tuesday.