Friday, May 21, 2010

A Book for June

Michelle tried to force a decision out of us before we left last night, but nobody would commit to anything.

So we decided that whoever posted first could get to choose instead.

I think we all agreed we should read a classic. We just couldn't decide which one.

After checking both Orem and Provo Libraries, so that those of you who don't own a copy, or don't want to buy a new book, can check one out, I've decided on:

Wuthering Heights (Provo has 6 copies, Orem has 3; you may need to reserve. I have at least 2 copies. Also available for about $6 from B&N's classics series. You could come buy it next Thursday evening at B&N, during Maeser's book fair, and credit the profit to the school. And say hello to me and the knitting group in the cafe, while you're there.)

(I was leaning towards Cold Comfort Farm (less well-known, but only 128 pages, and a truly fun read), but there were only 2 copies at each library. Maybe next time?)