Wednesday, November 23, 2011

upcoming Christmas party

We've emailed a bit about this, but I wondered if not everyone is seeing the email (Melissa - it says "bounced" for yours - so that's one), so I thought I'd put a little something on the blog.

We're talking about Tues, Dec 13th, or thereabouts, for the Christmas party. Something in that week, anyway, if that works for everyone? I've only have one negative response for the 13th so far, so that might stick. But I'm open for the 14th or 15th as well, if those nights work better. So please take a look at your calendars and let me know!

It will be at The Manor again, like last year.

White Elephant gift exchange. (I promise, I'm done with embarrassing items. I have mine already, and it's not even remotely "questionable" in nature.)
Bring a treat to share (or did we want to do a dinner? soup & salad?).
Other gifting is entirely optional, so don't feel like you have to come up with something if that's not your thing, or if you're just feeling overwhelmed. Those of us that like to gift stuff won't be offended, promise.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Matched is our current selection. Orem and Provo Libraries have at least 20 copies each, but you'll need to put a Hold on it if you want it - it's popular!

We'll meet to discuss the book in January (correct me if I got that wrong), and we'll have our Christmas party in December, at Stately Jorgensen Manor (my parents house - same as last year) with no pressure to talk about the book.
We should get that party calendared now, before everyone has too many other obligations. Votes? Preferences?