Monday, January 18, 2010

another great book

Read this one recently. Loved it. Yes, it starts off with an unpleasant event, but it is written with a certain delicacy, I think. Weaves an interesting story. Must see the movie soon.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Song from Marcy

So, I know that other posting of mine was syrupy sentimental--well, so is this song, but it's just a really cute one that I also wanted to mention. I'm sure you've all heard it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

February Bookclub

With a little help from fellow bookclubers, I/we have decided on the book and location for February bookclub. We will be reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

and eating at Pizza Pie Cafe (2235 North University Parkway in Provo). It's all about pie this month, funny how that worked out. Second Tuesday in February, February 9th, correct? See you there!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sarah's song for 2009

I chose this song because I love Miley Cyrus. haha j/k.... I chose this mainly for the lyrics, they are totally about my life and it's not about the destination it's about the journey. I think she's a cute girl and I actually saw the Hannah Montana movie which was really cute but I probably wouldn't like my daughter to like her. I do like the Miley Cyrus line at Walmart though! Anyway, I heard this song throughout the year and really love the lyrics!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

January Book Club!

The JANUARY 2010 Sisterhood 
Trash to Treasure Event! 
Who: The Sisterhood!

When:  Tuesday, January 12, 7pm

Where:  Woodbury Casa  -- See e-mail for address (this blog isn't private)

It's time to start clearing out and cleaning out!  We're having our second (or is it third?!) annual Book Club Give and Take. Now is the time to bring over all that stuff you've been meaning to donate!  Whatever doesn't get taken (don't take any offense if no one wants what you bring-- we are all trying to simplify) we'll just load up a car for a run to DI the next day so you can say goodbye to all the junk that's weighing you down!

Also, Bring your Planners, Calendars, and memory and we'll plan our 2010 Book Club season. 

Lastly, bring something to dip! Fruit, Angel Food Cake, Cookies, etc.  I'm resurrecting my Chocolate Fountain that has been sitting in storage for over a year now and will have it running so you have something to motivate you to clean out. If you are avoiding chocolate (it is January), know there will be delicious fruit to snack on. :)
Just give me a heads up on what you are bringing to dip so I don't duplicate.

Love you girls! See you soon!


Marcy's 2009 Song

I've had a hard time coming up with what song I wanted to write about. I decided on Sara Groves's "Love Is Still a Worthy Cause." What do I know about love? Love is a choice. It makes the hard things in life worth it. Knowing of God's love for us brings us profound peace and joy and faith, even in the midst of our greatest heartaches. Having people to love in our lives is a gift; the people that come into our lives to love us (sometimes when we least expect it) are the greatest surprises, and are evidences of God's care of us. Learning to love with a purer heart and without selfishness, while still maintaining love and care for ourselves as well, is the pursuit of this life, I believe. Loving those who hurt us is hard work but brings healing. Above all, if we strive to love like the Savior does, we will have more happiness in our lives and also bring happiness to the people around us. That's why I believe it's a worthy cause. Loving is worth the risk and worth the work.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Laurel's sister's wedding

(how's that for a title?)

My sister Amanda was a bit slow getting out her invites, and then she ran out, and then....

anyway, I'm posting this here so you all know about it. Yes, it's this Saturday. I know...
(yeah, I know, you can see that, right? whatever. don't even ask what the scanner did to the picture. sorry you don't get to see that - the pictures are totally cute.)
so here's the info you probably can't even read on the above:
Amanda and Spencer will be married on Saturday January 9th in the Provo Temple. Reception is 6-9pm, The White Church, 31 W Maple Street, Mapleton UT

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Did I Drop the Ball Again?!

Book Club. It's like coming up?!

What book are we reading?

It says on the side bar that Margie is in charge this month, but after last month's locale fiasco, I volunteered to host it this month.  I would love to do that this month--- just want to know what to host.

So the second Tuesday is in a week. Does anyone have the list of books we made to read? Should we postpone it a week?

Or maybe everyone else know's what's up and I'm in la la land.

Whatcha think?!

My deepest apologies,