Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Glass Castle

This is a fascinating memoir that at least two people recommended to me when I asked for my friends to tell me their favorite book (by the way, I haven't heard from you guys about that--would love to). One of my friends said, "Oh that book is awesomely disturbing. I couldn't put it down. I was amazed that someone could live through that kind of childhood and turn out 'normal.'" I agree wholeheartedly. The other thing that I find inconceivable is that this husband and wife stayed together all those years, through alcoholism, infidelity, untreated depression, physical violence, etc. In light of my recent divorce, wow.

Read this book if you ever feel like you're just not measuring up as a housekeeper or mother. It will perk you right up! As people keep telling me, children are resilient!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy 40th Laurel

This time of year reminds me of last year when Laurel and I went to Chicago to see Michelle. We had such a great time. So Happy Birthday Laurel, here are the long awaited pictures that I have had stashed away on my computer for a year. Hope your 40th is a good one, I hear the years just get better from here. Love you!!

This was actually our last night out on the town. We saw "Wicked" and
it was probably my favorite musical that I've ever been to. I started crying right at the beginning because it was so powerful and we were on the last row in the back! It was very good and very fun!

I think this is Michelle's front yard. Everything is very luscious green over there, and lots of trees. Michelle and I went for a run one morning and it was beautiful. Laurel was being social at her brothers house.

Bloomingdales. Need I say more? We walked the magnificant mile in Chicago and just as I was complaining that my feet hurt, we ran into Bloomingdales and HAD to go in!

How much was this scarf- like $500?

We spent hours in Borders. Any time to spend in a bookstore without kids was well worth it!

We went to a couple museums including the Chicago museum of Art where there are original paintings of famous artist. Very interesting.

Chicago at night. There are large lit up advertisements and all the buildings are lit up. It is a great sight to see.

This is the museum that has all the pieces from other buildings stuck on the outside bricks. It is very awesome. There are many locations throughout history. We walked around the building and looked at all of them.

We stopped to rest our feet and have some hot chocolate. I don't remember what kind Michelle and I got but of course Laurel got dark chocolate, her favorite. It was very yummy. "the bean" Matching rings to remember our trip We went to a cajun restaraunt with many bottles of hot sauce. We had some very good food there. Right when we got off the plane, Michelle took us to get some Chicago style pizza. I'm still craving it. I think I gained ten pounds on that trip. Thanks Michelle for showing us a good time! Now we need to go to Cali to see Frenchie or Jackson to see Becky or Texas to see Cumorah. It is well worth it.