Thursday, December 6, 2007

I read a book! Tori Amos- Piece by Piece

I have to admit, I am a Tori Amos fan. For most of you who don't know Tori, she is a singer, songwriter, and brilliant pianist. She started playing the piano when she was three. So this book talks about her life and her beliefs, some of which are quite distorted. Her father is a strict Catholic priest and her mother's side is Cherokee. So she has a lot of different beliefs mixed into one. She incorporates a lot of myth into her songs and most of her songs are not about her. She calls her songs her "girls" thus the name of her new album "American Doll Posse" is very fitting. On the cover of that album, she has dressed up in a couple different characters that she has formed from her songs. They represent the different topics to her songs. In the book, Tori also talks about her three miscarriages that she had before the birth of her daughter who is now around six. I can relate a lot with her and her music. I have been a big fan for years. I thought this book was excellent but I don't recommend it to anyone unless they are a Tori Amos fan.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Giver by Lois Lowry

I just read this book last week. I'm wondering if any of the rest of you have read it. It's good but has some sad things in it, too. I'm wondering of those of you who have read it, what you took away from the ending. Hope or doom?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shopaholic Ties the Knot

When I started reading this one I was pleasantly surprised at its cleverness and cuteness but honestly, I can't finish it. The main character is way too deceiving of herself and others. She doesn't seem like a real person at all. It was funny the first couple of times, but then I just wanted to slap her. I would never be friends with someone like this, much less ever identify with this character.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

August Rush

In a world of movies that make me think that all men are lustful pigs and that life is full of violence and coldness (Beowulf), I'm glad that there are movies that make me think that life will turn out okay and that love will conquer and that the power of music can bring about miracles (August Rush). Now, I understand that someone could make fun of the whole movie for its fairy tale properties, but as for me, it gave me a much needed lift and I loved it! Not to mention that everyone loves Keri Russell.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This is what happens when my hubby goes out of town

Hey gals! I've finished 4 books in the last week. One I had already half-read and the others I started and finished. No, I don't have time to read, believe me-- I don't go around looking for things to do or books to read. (Would it be such a crime to be living a life like that???....sounds nice) But while Kyle is out of town, I have my evenings to myself and choose to devour books instead of laundry, painting the bathroom, doing geneology, or baking my bread. (I'll let you decide which of those things I really do. :-) As it turns out, I sacrifice my sleep for reading-- it's my official escape from the world. I really do need to stop.

Book #1: Finding Noel-- already posted about it

Book #2 The Red Tent. Maybe you find it abominable that I read this-- I didn't know what it was about, but heard mention it was an interesting read. I just love historical fiction. If anything, it got me excited about reading the Bible. In a nut shell, it's the authors fictional take of the story of Dinah and her mothers and aunties (leah, rachel, zilpha, Bilhah). Dinah was Jacob's only daughter and it is really a fascinating read.

Book #3: Specials (third book in the Uglies series)-- good read. Still liked the first one the best. It was the most realistic for me. I was disappointed there wasn't more romance, but that's me.

Book 4: Christmas Box-- another Evans book. Quick read. I could have read it the last time I was waiting at the doctor's office. Touching. Not as good as Finding Noel. Sent me the message that I should worry less about housework, the stresses of my church calling, and just enjoy my little ones while I can.

On deck:

The Sisterhood: Inside the Lives of Mormon Women by Dorothy Allred Solomon-- you can imagine my surprise to see this book in a special spot on the shelf at my library showcased, "New Book This Week!" -- Never expected a book like this to come to my little library. In any case, I glanced through it just to make sure I wasn't being taken by an Anti author, and checked it out. I'll let you know.

The Letter and The Locket by Richard Paul Evans --hopefully I'll like them as much as Finding Noel.

Does watching a great tv series also count like reading a good book? I just finished Smallville season 6 that Liz bought me for my birthday. And MMMMmmmmm, Tom Welling is dee-lish! I still think he would look like John if he was bald. Season 6 was great! Lex turns even more evil, Lana can't make up her stupid mind who she loves and Chloe is more adorable than ever. The Green Arrow makes his appearance and Lois falls in love with him. The overall plot was awesome and very "Smallville-ish". I was told that it was dark and more violent, but in my personal opinion it was one of the better seasons and didn't strike me as dark really. I'm not saying you should rush out and buy it, but it is a great season to add to my other ones. Clark Kent was kind of a wuss in the beginning, but he turned out to save the day in the end. He is still very cute but doesn't really pass for a twenty year old. Isn't he around my age? Anyway, LOVED this season and I give it five stars!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Finding Noel

I've not read any of Richard Paul Evan's books. Now I wonder why it took me so long to find him! This book was such an easy, pleasant, and uplifting read!!! I don't want to say what it's about-- just get it and expect to finish it in a sitting or two. It's not a self-help, so please, help yourself and get it! Okay-- I'll give you a little something to go on-- it's written mostly in the perspective of a young man from Huntsville, AL who is out in Utah. After a series of unfortunate events he hits rock bottom, but meets a woman who changes (and saves) his life. It's the sweetest story.

Evans is also the author of the Christmas Box and several other novels. I checked my library out of every single one I could cram in my purse. I'll let you know about the rest!

Also, if any of you want the next books in the "Uglies" series, I have Pretties and am almost done with Specials. I'm happy to mail them to anyone that wants them. They still aren't as good as Uglies. That one so far is my favorite.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Enchanted April

I first saw The Enchanted April as a play. It was not the most exciting play; Adam fell asleep beside me. I thought it was interesting, though, and now getting around to reading the book after Michelle recommended it, I really liked it! It's about some suppressed British wives who go on a holiday in Italy without their husbands and discover new life within themselves. They blossom. Parts of it felt so genuine to me. Like how our relationships with our spouses just build on every little encounter--either uniting our hearts or driving them apart. The wives end up asking their husbands to join them and the medieval castle works some magic on them....

Now is anyone else going to post about what they're reading????

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dreams of Stardust

Have we ever read a fantasy or sci fi book for book club? I love fantasy! Dreams of Stardust is a good book--enjoyable plot, desirable characters, etc. It involves time travel between 2005 and medieval times; the man is from the future and finds his true love in the past. I would have to say that maybe its downfall is that its characters are a little too perfect. Hmmm. Oh well. It's a good fantasy read with a sweet romance. I would definitely recommend it to all of you. (BTW, I liked it better than the 1 or 2 Anita Stansfield's books I've ever read.)

My favorite fantasy book is Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold. Check it out!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The November reading looks good. Our library here is not the best. i will try to get it. I'm in the middle of a 3 book series right now (i'm on the 3rd book) I'm totally enthralled. It takes place during the civil war. I'll tell you about them soon. They are fantastic!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

LOVED Uglies!

So when Laurel and Sarah came to visit Chicago (WE HAD SUCH A BLAST TOGETHER!!!)I got Uglies-- and I couldn't put it down. I want the next one! It was such a fun read. What did you guys think?

November Reading

November Reading Suggestions:
I capture the Castle: by Dodie Smith
This is a book that Laurel suggested and said that both she and Marcy enjoyed it. It is about a seventeen year old girl who lives in poverty within a castle. She is trying to perfect her writing skills and captures stories of things that go on within the castle walls. She fills notebooks of stories and even tells a love story about herself. So by the end of the book she has "captured the castle." This book sounds enchanting.
I thought it would be a good match to a book that I just read, so I decided to put them together this month and you
can choose which one or both to read.

Towers of Brierley: by Anita Stansfield
I read this book over the summer and thought it was fun and romantic. It is a love story of two people who were raised in the castle of Brierley. Anya takes care of Gavin in the beginning because he is wounded, and slowly they fall in love. There is a lot of suspense and secrets that I can't give away but I really thought it was a cute book. This teenage girl recommended it to me at the library while I was looking in the young adult section- my favorite genre. I couldn't put it down, it was fun!

So, here are the suggestions - happy reading! I'm sure you can find them at the library, or order them on amazon or ebay for very cheap!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning

This is a clever little book. I especially like where the narrator defines difficult words with pithy explanations. I also like the size of the book; it's comfortable to hold. I'm serious; it may be the perfect size. Not to mention that Lemony Snicket is the coolest name ever.

I'm afraid it didn't capture my interest enough to go on to the second book. Maybe I've seen too much Alias lately, but it seems like there should be some butt-kicking going on, or clever deceptions (on the children's part). The children are a little too fragile for me, though very endearing. It seems if this Count Olaf were gone most of the day it shouldn't be too hard to figure out a good plan of escape. And why are the adults all so dumb? Where is DCFS (or British equivalent)? What do you think?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hard-won Wisdom

I love this book!
Its by, Susan Arrington Madsen & Ruth Harris Swaner. You can pick it up at Deseret Book, or Seagull Book. It has many subjects like: lessons learned from parents, marriage and parenthood, prayer,testimony, and many others. The stories are from the older generation. It even tells a little about each contributor. Any way, its just good advice for us.


A Heart Like His

I had a nice experience today. I finished this book and felt like opening my heart, as the book illustrates, to someone whom I have not had an open heart toward. I did and felt great peace afterward. I know that's cryptic. What I really want to say is that this book's message is wonderful. It's about how we should have open, soft hearts toward everyone we meet. Virgina Pearce challenges her readers to experiment with going about their regular lives with softer hearts and more loving attitudes. It's not about baking cookies for neighbors or giving tons of money to charities or spending hours serving others. It's about making a difference in one's own life as well as others' by treating others like they matter and like they are an important part of this world. Like they are a son or daughter of God.

I guess the message that I most needed to get from this book is that all relationships matter, and that I DO have the time to nurture relationships because it's not about the time. It's about the state of one's heart during interactions.