Friday, July 31, 2009

Michelle is back!

Totally random event: last night I drove one of Steve’s friends home, just after 10pm, so it’s a nice drive with the top down, etc. On the way back, just before we passed Target on Orem Center, this cute girl (Steve actually thought it was one of his friends, she could still pass for a teenager) in the car next to me (which is all loaded up with stuff on top and in the back) starts yelling and waving, and I look over, and it’s MICHELLE (and the rest of her family)!
So we pull off the road into the Target parking lot for a nice mini-reunion right then and there. She and the fam all look fabulous, of course (though it was way past the kids bedtime, and they were not so happy right then).
Turns out, they came for a wedding this week, and figured the timing was right to move as well, so here they are! She says she won’t have Internet for probably a week or so while they get settled, but you can call her, same number as always. Kyle will be going back to Chicago to wrap things up with work (for about a month), so for a while she's kinda on her own, but she's HERE!
Welcome back Michelle! we've missed you!
When are we getting together?
(sent an email this morning on this, but just found out some of you might not have gotten it, so I decided I'd post this as well)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

group email

I have set up, and sent invites for, a group email. If you didn't get the invite, please comment so I can send you one. (Charity's email didn't "allow" me to send the invite?) My family uses one to stay in touch, and we really like it. When you send to the group, all replies go to everyone in the group automatically, making sure that everyone can stay in the loop. If you want to only reply to one person, you would have to put in their email instead. I know sometimes you don't want to talk to the whole group, but so often, we hit reply, thinking we hit "reply all", and we wonder why nobody else knows what we're talking about later.
Google also archives group messages. I have made it private. I have to invite someone if we add a new book clubber, or if someones email changes. I invited all the girls, including those out of state. If we think we'd prefer to have two groups, one for all of us, and one for locals only, I can do that, too.
I think we'll like communicating this way - especially when it's time for book club, and we want to be sure everyone gets all the important info!

update: please be sure you look for the email from "noreplygooglegroups" or something like that, which may have ended up in your junk mail (it did in mine) and click the URL to accept the invite.