Wednesday, February 15, 2012

March Bookclub Read

Hey Ladies...did we decide on our next read for bookclub? I was thinking it is time to do a self help book. My sister-in-law gave John and me this book and it has really struck something within me. I thought it would be good for all of us to read! It is Excuses Begone!by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I was thinking maybe we could start doing bookclub during the day? like meeting for lunch? for those of us with small kids, we can just bring them. That way it wont run into any conflicting schedules at night. If not, fine too. Just add your comments. There is a really yummy cafe that one of the Seminary teachers John works with owns. It is accross the street from Target on Center in Orem. It's a crepe place called Savory and Sweet. maybe we could meet there for march? and if we decide on this book or others, I was thinking the end of march would give us enough time? you can find this book for very cheap. I bought it on my kindle for three bucks.


Karen K said...

Book and place sound good. If we were going to go out to eat I'd kind of rather do it at night because eating out with Sadie isn't much fun. Maybe do middle of the day get togethers at someone's house? But I can probably make it work whatever we decide.

Michelle said...

I'm happy to volunteer my house for a get together in the afternoon. The kids seemed to play great together while we visited when Laurel shared with us her news. I'm looking forward to reading this book!

End of March sounds great. As for evenings, I can't do Wednesday evenings. The nights that ARE GOod: 4th Tuesday of the month or any Thursdays.

How about everyone else?

Marcy said...

I would rather get together for lunch! But would that exclude some who work with kids during the day--Lisa/Alisa? And I agree with Karen; I'd rather be at a house than a restaurant if I have Z. with me. Mondays or Fridays during the day are best for me.

If we do evenings, I most likely can't do 1st or 2nd Thursdays.

Marcy said...

And Bookette, you'd have to use your lunch break? Would that work? Hmmmm.

bookette said...

I can do either time of day. It's not generally a problem to get away from work for lunch. Any evening is good for me, these days.